Indulge your furry friend in a culinary delight that’s as nutritious as it is delicious – Purina One SmartBlend Chicken and Rice! Let’s dive into the world of SmartBlend, uncovering its mouthwatering flavors, wholesome ingredients, and why it’s the ultimate choice for discerning pet parents. Get ready to transform mealtime into a feast your dog will drool over!

Unveiling the Magic of SmartBlend Chicken and Rice:

Purina One SmartBlend is a testament to Purina’s commitment to pet nutrition, and the Chicken and Rice formula is a shining example of this dedication. Crafted with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, this recipe offers a delectable blend of flavors and essential nutrients to support your dog’s overall health and well-being.

Key Features

  • Purina ONE chicken and rice dog food offers a microbiome balance and a SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients, including prebiotic fiber for dogs, to help your dog live his best life
  • With real chicken as the first ingredient, this high quality dog food supports strong muscles, including a healthy heart, and helps fuel healthy energy with high-quality carbohydrate sources
  • This chicken and rice dry dog food for skin and coat care provides omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, plus four antioxidant sources for a strong immune system
  • Is Purina ONE good for dogs? Purina ONE red bag dog food delivers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs and features natural glucosamine sources to promote joint health for dogs
  • Is Purina ONE made in the USA? Every digestive care dog food bag is crafted in Purina-owned, U.S. facilities and delivers with a combo crunchy bites and tender, meaty morsels dogs love

Customer review

I’ve been giving my dog a “premium” (super premium?) food for several years. Then they had various recalls for salmonella. Between that and the vet’s recommendation, I switched to Purina One. That was several weeks ago and I’m still amazed at how much my dog loves it. I could put his other food in his bowl and he’d eat it eventually. Pretty much I would put a little gravy or rice on it and he’d eat it. This! I put it out and he eats it right up! He does leave several bits of one particular type that must not be quite as good but even that he goes back for. He received a “puzzle” bowl that he only liked if it had treats or “human” food in it. Now I give him just his evening meal scattered through the bowl and he goes crazy for it. Very happy I made the switch.


With it didn’t have corn in it but it does have what appears to be dried pieces of chicken in it and dog seems to like it better than brands I have tried that don’t have any corn in it (which is not supposed to be a good ingredient for dogs). I like the pieces of chicken in it (though the pieces don’t seem to be mixed in good and becomes more sparce as the bag gets more empty). I wish Purina would improve on that but given that the dog likes it, will probably keep buying it.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Why does this take 10 days to ship? My dog is hungry!!!!

A: probably should feed them something else in meantime haha. I never had to wait long for it, I’m surprised so many are complaining of this. My order came as fast as all my other orders

Q: I can not find “buy now” button,

A: Go to the Home Screen. Search for product again. Once you see product, tap on it. You might have to scroll down to find the tabs that say “Save to cart” and “Buy now.” Sometimes you have to turn your smart phone, laptop, PC, or tablet off to reconfigure it. You will not lose data/information from your Amazon search.

Q: How long is shelf life once opened?

A: From what I’ve researched 6 weeks. After that it will go stale.

Q: I have reviewed the ingredient list but just to be sure… are there any peanut related products in this food?

A: No there is not actually it is a very good dog food she just Chows on it on it every day I would highly recommend it

Elevate your dog’s mealtime experience with Purina One SmartBlend Chicken and Rice – where nutrition meets flavor in every mouthwatering bite! Treat your furry friend to the wholesome goodness they deserve and watch them thrive with every wag of their tail!

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