For major pet food brands like Purina, Amazon Prime Day represents an opportunity to significantly increase sales and reach new dog-owning customers. Here are some tips for Purina to drive success on Prime Day:

Promote Prime Day Deals on Dog Food and Treats

Purina should offer special limited-time deals on their popular dog food and treat products for Prime Day. This could include discounts on products like Beneful and Dog Chow dog food, Waggin’ Train treats, and Beggin’ Strips. Time-sensitive deals will motivate shoppers to stock up on Purina products before the promotions end.

Run Coupons and Bundles

Purina can run coupons for dollars off specific products or create special Prime Day bundles to provide even bigger savings. For example, Purina might offer $5 off Beneful dog food or bundle a bag of Dog Chow with a pack of Beggin’ Strips at a reduced total price. Coupons and bundles are an effective way for shoppers to save on high-demand pet food products.

Sponsor Related Search Terms

Purina should bid on sponsored ads for dog food-related keywords on Prime Day. When shoppers search terms like “dog food deals,” “Prime Day dog treats,” or “Beneful sale,” Purina’s ads will appear at the top of the results. This high-visibility placement will direct dog owners to Purina’s product listings and deals.

Engage Social Media Followers

In the lead-up to Prime Day, Purina should post on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to build excitement about their upcoming deals and promotions. Share eye-catching photos of products, behind-the-scenes footage from commercial shoots, and teasers counting down the days until the big event. Encourage followers to shop Purina’s deals on Prime Day to take advantage of major savings on their favorite dog food and treat products.

Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is always appealing to shoppers, especially around sales events. Purina should provide free standard shipping or expedited shipping on all Prime Day deals to give customers added incentive to buy. The convenience of free shipping may convince some dog owners to choose Purina over competing brands.

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