Purina Pro Plan Puppy provides complete and balanced nutrition for your puppy’s first year of rapid growth and development. High-quality protein from real meat, fish or eggs is the first ingredient in Pro Plan Puppy formulas to support building lean muscle, strong bones and organs. Essential supplements like DHA from fish oil also promote brain and vision development. So whether you have a large or small breed puppy, Purina Pro Plan Puppy formulas offer tailored nutrition to nurture potential and wellness from the start.


All Purina Pro Plan Puppy kibble and wet recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for growth of puppies. Ingredients provide high-quality protein for muscles, carbohydrates for energy needs, and essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to support immune health, digestion, mobility and development. For large breed puppies, specific levels of calcium and phosphorus help promote control growth.

Real Meat, Fish or Eggs First

The first ingredient in Pro Plan Puppy recipes is a high-quality source of animal-based protein like real chicken, salmon, lamb or eggs. These provide the essential amino acids puppies require for health from the inside out. Salmon-based formulas also offer omega-3 fatty acids for skin, coat and brain support.

Supplements for Development

Purina Pro Plan Puppy food includes supplements to optimize growth in puppies at every stage. Sources of DHA, a natural omega-3 fatty acid, in ingredients such as fish oil help nourish brain, vision, and cognitive development. Since puppies cannot produce certain nutrients like linoleic acid, arachidonic acid and lutein receive them through diet. Purina Pro Plan Puppy provides. For joint health, natural sources of glucosamine are also included in Pro Plan Puppy formulas.

Nutrition becomes the foundation for potential realized with Purina Pro Plan Puppy. Complete, high-protein recipes tailored for large or small breed puppies during every stage of their first year. Here are the building blocks for a lifetime of health and wellness—just measure, pour and nurture your puppy’s instinct to thrive each day. A natural evolution awaits, crafted by your dedication and the devotion of Purina Pro Plan.

Overall, Purina Pro Plan Puppy offers complete nutrition for your puppy’s growth in their first year. High-quality protein from real meat or fish provides the essential amino acids for building lean muscle and strong organs. Natural supplements such as DHA for brain development, antioxidants for health along with glucosamine for mobility are tailored by stage and size. For a foundation of wellness to last a lifetime, trust Pro Plan Puppy—where nutrition meets unbound potential realized, each recipe and playtime at a time. Your puppy’s life enriched starts here.

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