ALPO Variety Snaps are meat-based soft and chewy dog treats made with high-quality, natural ingredients according to the company. They aim to provide a protein-packed reward or snack for dogs of all sizes based on ALPO. Variety Snaps are available in several flavors including beef, chicken, bacon and peanut butter. They are naturally preserved and contain no artificial colors, flavors or byproducts based on the brand.

Product Lineup

The ALPO Variety Snaps treat line includes:

  • Beef Flavored Snaps – Made with real beef as the first ingredient.
  • Chicken Flavored Snaps – Contains real chicken meat.
  • Peanut Butter Flavored Snaps – Peanut butter-flavored treats made without Xylitol.
  • Bacon Flavored Snaps – Bacon-flavored treats made with real bacon.


ALPO Variety Snaps are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives according to the company. Real meat like beef, chicken or bacon is the first ingredient in each recipe based on ALPO. The treats provide protein and essential nutrients to support overall health, though they are not formulated as a complete diet based on the brand.


Customer reviews say ALPO Variety Snaps are popular, rewarding treats for many dogs. The meaty, chewy texture and natural ingredients are appealing to most owners based on feedback. Both small and large breed dogs seem to enjoy Variety Snaps and they are easy to break into smaller pieces as needed according to reviews.

Potential downsides are a greasy feel, strong smell and risk of digestive upset in some dogs based on limited reviews. However, many customers say Variety Snaps make excellent high-value rewards or snack in moderation for their canine companions based on feedback. They receive positive recommendations as soft, natural treats at a reasonable cost from a reputable brand according to most.

Overall, ALPO Variety Snaps dog treats earn very good reviews as affordable, natural rewards. While not for every dog or as a diet staple, Variety Snaps satisfy many owners looking for chewy, meat-based snacks free from artificial additives based on reputation. For a high-protein treat made with real meat, ALPO Variety Snaps should please most dogs and pet owners based on customer feedback. They aim to offer a nutritious reward you can feel good about giving based on reviews.

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