Supercoat makes quality dog food formulated for dogs of all ages, sizes and activity levels. With balanced nutrition and natural ingredients, Supercoat provides complete food for your dog’s wellbeing. Supercoat offers grain-inclusive and grain-free options with digestible carb sources and named meat meals as first ingredients. For affordable nutrition you can trust, choose Supercoat dog food.

Named Meat Meals as First Ingredients

Supercoat dog food features named meat meals like chicken meal, lamb meal or salmon meal as first ingredients. Meals contain concentrated protein from meat sources, providing essential amino acids for muscle health. The first 3-5 ingredients in Supercoat formulas are meat and carb-based, ensuring high-quality protein and nutrients in every bite. Your dog gets balanced nutrition from natural, whole food ingredients. 🐶

Balanced Nutrition for All Dogs

Supercoat offers dog food tailored for dogs of all life stages, sizes and activity levels. Recipes meet AAFCO standards for complete and balanced nutrition. Formulas for:
•Puppies – With DHA for brain development, supplemental protein and fat for growth.
•Adults – For maintenance of healthy weights, with moderate protein and fat. Offered for small breed, large breed and all breed adult dogs.
•Active or Working Dogs – Higher caloric density with additional protein and fat for endurance and muscle health.
•Senior Dogs – With joint support, moderate calories and lower sodium for less active senior dogs needing balance as they age.
With the right balance of protein, fat and nutrients for your dog’s needs, Supercoat provides affordable nutrition for every stage of your companion’s life. 🐶

Natural, High-Quality Ingredients

Supercoat features natural ingredients selected for nutrition and quality. Ingredients include:
•Named meat and meat meal: Chicken, lamb, fish and egg protein sources.
•Digestible grains: Rice, barley and oatmeal. Selected grain-free recipes use peas or potatoes.
•Fruits and vegetables: Carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries provide vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants and phytonutrients.
•Omega fatty acids: Flaxseed and fish oil for skin and coat health.
• Chelated minerals: Minerals chemically attached to proteins for better absorption.
•Natural preservatives: Mixed tocopherols or rosemary extract.
Supercoat offers natural, affordable nutrition from high-quality, whole food ingredients selected for your dog’s health and wellbeing. 🐶

Supercoat provides complete, balanced nutrition from natural ingredients to fuel your dog’s health throughout all life stages. With meat meals as first ingredients and tailored formulas for puppies, adults (in sizes for all breeds) and seniors, Supercoat offers quality food for every need. Grain-inclusive and grain-free options provide the right blend of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals your dog requires. Backed by the expertise of nutritionists and veterinarians, Supercoat gives you affordable nutrition you can trust, guided by your dog’s natural needs. For wholesome nutrition from trusted, natural ingredients, fill your dog’s dish with Supercoat – complete wellbeing in every bowl. 🐶

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