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Bousnic Dog Shock Collar – 3300Ft Dog Training Collar

  • Humane and Safe, Eliminate Bad Behavior Effectively: Bousnic Dog shock collar features 3 humane training modes with adjustable beep(1-8 levels), vibration(1-16 levels), safe shock(1-99 levels). It helps your unruly and hard-headed dogs learn to be a better part of your household.
  • Extended 3300FT Range: Bousnic Dog Training Collar covers up to 3300Ft allowing your pet to roam farther. With dual-channel, It is perfect to train 2 dogs simultaneously outdoor at distances up to 3/4 mile.
  • Fits for All Sizes of Dogs 5-120lbs: Bousnic training collar for dogs is ideal to control dogs as small as 5 pounds and as big as 120 pounds. Instant response security on/off switch button allows you to carry it without any fear of accidental touch.
  • IP67 Waterproof Receiver: Bousnic electric dog collar can be used in any weather and any condition thanks to the IP67 waterproof design of the receiver (You’ll have to keep the remote control away from water).
  • Incredible Battery Life: Bousnic e collar for dogs training has a decent battery life. The receiver’s battery can last for up to 15 days in working modes while the remote for over 1 month. the long battery runtime is a true lifesaver on those camping or tailgating weekends.

3 humane training modes

3300FT remote range

Fit for all sizes of dogs

3 Safe Training Modes

Our dog shock collar with remote gives you the possibility to educate your fur friend by using either beep, vib ra tion and shock mode. In fact, most dogs react so well to the beep and vib ra tione modes. Therefore, if your four-legged friend stops with only a beep and vib ra tion, you can avoid using the shock mode.

3300FT Remote Range

Our dog training collar with remote covers up to 3300 feet. The extended remote range and increased battery life make it ideal for communicating and training your dogs. It gives your dog a lot of rooms to play/roam.

Fit All Dogs (5-120lbs)

Our shock collar for large dogs is an ideal system to control dogs as big as 120 pounds and as small as 5 pounds. The durable nylon collar strap is 0-24 inches adjustable. It will facilitate every breed. You won’t regret for choosing it.

Your dog should be over 6 months old

IP67 waterproof receiver

Smallest receiver ever

Clear LCD screen

IP 67 Waterproof Receiver

Our e collar is IP67 waterproof. It can be used in any weather and any condition.In fact, you won’t have to worry about water at all, thanks to the IP67 waterproof design of the receiver. It can work even if it gets submerged in water.

The remote is not waterproof. So please keep it away from water.

Smallest Receiver Ever

Our receiver is very lightweight at 1.6 ounces and is considered suitable for any dog over 5 pounds.It measure 2.1(L) * 1.3(W) * 1(H) inches, which makes it smallest receiver ever. It is comfortable for puppy,small, medium,and large dogs 5-120lbs.

Clearer LCD Screen

Our electronic collar remote has a backlit LCD screen to show mode, intensity, and battery level settings. You can check the stimulation level on the backlit LCD screen, while a battery indicator will let you know when it’s time to top it up with some energy.


I live in NW Montana and bought this training collar mostly to stop my young dog, Beemer, from barking at and/or chasing deer that lived here before I built my house and live here with me now on my 20 acre property. I also put out water in a tub for the deer, birds and ground squirrels because there isn’t a water source of any kind close by. I often let Beemer out for long periods of time so he can get plenty of exercise running and exploring. Unfortunately, he was scaring the deer, playing in their water tub and getting muddy while splashing the water out and leaving what was left muddy. This collar is well designed and constructed, easy to use, has great range and the 3 functions (beep, vibrate or shock) can be easily tailored to the appropriate level for the pet and purpose. I have found it to be very effective in breaking some of Beemer’s bad habits that would have otherwise been almost impossible to do or would have taken much longer. Now I can watch him from a window as he explores the area and plays with sticks he finds on the ground. It didn’t take long for me to catch him in the act and then use one of the functions to stop him in his tracks and come back to the house. Beemer has stopped barking at and/or chasing the local deer. He also won’t go near the water tub. I have seen him lying on the pavement and watching the deer graze not very far away. Some of the deer still won’t come around while he’s out, but several of them have decided that he is not a threat and will graze with him visibly present. If he stands up, they will probably be alarmed, but if I’m watching, I can give him a quick beep or vibration and he will immediately turn around and walk back to the house. I believe at least some of the deer and Beemer will eventually be able to be in the same area without any alarm and they and the other animals now have a reliable source of water…at least until the ice and snow cause it to freeze.

Another benefit of the collar demonstrated itself this morning as I was at my kitchen window. Beemer was playing with a stick on the concrete apron in front of the garage when he suddenly broke into a full-speed run with the hair on his back standing straight up. I immediately pulled the remote out of my shirt pocket as I looked ahead of Beemer to see what he was chasing and saw that he was quickly gaining ground on a resident fox that I have seen many times. I immediately started pressing the vibration and shock buttons as he disappeared into the woods out of sight. Beemer is pretty strong-willed and I was concerned that I might not be able to stop him, but a couple of seconds later he emerged from the woods and was trotting back toward the house with the fox, now the pursuer, following him. But the fox was apparently confused when Beemer suddenly turned and started running back toward home and initially decided to chase him. But then, as if giving the situation more thought, it wisely peeled off and scampered back into the woods toward safety. Beemer (a mixed Golden/Lab) is faster, larger and stronger than the fox. I have no doubt that Beemer would have caught up with the fox since, in just seconds, he was only inches from the fox’s tail when I pulled the remote from my pocket. The fox would have just as surely fought back since he would literally be fighting for his life.

If Beemer had not been wearing the collar and I had not been standing at the window, I believe the likely result would have been a dead fox and a seriously lacerated dog that would have spent some painful time with a vet this morning. I had previously realized that the collar could possibly be used as a safety device to remove a threat in an emergency. Beemer has always turned and ran toward home immediately after being alerted, regardless of which function I used and there may be times when that propensity would be important.


Enhance Your Dog’s Training Journey with Bousnic

Empower yourself to become a confident and effective trainer with the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar. Whether you’re teaching basic obedience commands, addressing nuisance behaviors, or reinforcing boundaries, this collar offers the versatility and reliability you need to achieve lasting results.

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