For small dogs with big appetites, there’s nothing quite like Beneful Minis – the tiny treats packed with flavor and love! In this delightful journey, we’ll explore the world of Beneful Minis, uncovering their irresistible appeal, wholesome ingredients, and why they’re the perfect choice for pampering your pint-sized companion. Get ready to treat your little furry friend to moments of pure delight!

Discovering the Magic of Beneful Minis:

Beneful Minis are more than just treats – they’re bite-sized bursts of joy that will make your small dog’s tail wag with happiness! With their perfectly petite size and mouthwatering taste, Minis deliver big flavor in every tiny bite.

Key Features

  • Eight (8) Packs of Three (3) 3 oz. Cans – Purina Beneful Small Breed Wet Dog Food; IncrediBites With Real Beef
  • Eight boxes of three 3-oz cans (24 cans total)
  • Convenient 3-oz cans for small dogs – no leftovers to refrigerate
  • Finely chopped with a delightfully different texture
  • Real ingredients you can see

Customer review

I have been buying this brand and kind for a moment on Amazon. Since my dog has become so picky that this all she really likes.
It’s always full in stock. It comes as a case instead of just a 12 pack at stores.
They offer coupons that knock off a few dollars more. Even at their full price it still saves me a few dollars. Also to have a pack that is all Beef is great. At least for me. I have never seen them like that in store. Only variety packs in stores.


I use the Incredibites for my Shi-Poo and it is perfect for him as the texture is finely shredded and easy for him to chew and digest. The small cans are just the right size to adjust the amount of food (1 or more) at each feeding therefore his food is always fresh and room temperature. His coat is nice and soft and shiny which is a sign of good nutrition. I adopted him 11 years ago and his dental problems were not conducive to feed him dry food. Beneful Incredibites are the best I’ve found for him and he loves it.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Can I give Beneful Minis to my puppy?
A: Beneful Minis are intended for adult dogs. For puppies, consider treats specifically formulated for their age and size.

Q: How many Beneful Minis can I give my dog in a day?
A: Treats should be given in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate number of Minis for your dog based on their size and activity level.

Q: Are Beneful Minis suitable for all small dog breeds?
A: Yes, Beneful Minis are suitable for small dogs of all breeds. Just be sure to choose the appropriate size of treat for your dog.

Q: Can I use Beneful Minis for training?
A: Absolutely! The small size and delicious flavor of Minis make them perfect for rewarding your dog during training sessions and positive reinforcement.

Treat your pint-sized pup to big flavor and big smiles with Beneful Minis – because even the smallest dogs deserve the best!

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