Cat Tunnel Bed, Cat Tunnel, Jia Xi Indoor Cat Hideout, Donut Cat Bed, Universal for All Seasons Cat Condo and Cat Cave

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Tunnel Bed Hideout, Donut Cat Bed, Universal Cat Condo and Cave (24 in * 24 in* 11 in) Dark Grey

  • Dual function: double-layer composite donut/circle design, to meet the needs and desires of cats to drill holes to play, can bring unlimited fun to cats, dome concave design allows another cat to rest, two can be used at the same time, do not disturb each other.
  • Selected Felt Material: The cat tunnel bed is made of selected felt material, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and will not get fluffy balls to meet the cat’s daily scratching and rubbing nature. A cat bed that can be used in all seasons
  • : The size of the cat tunnel bed is 24 -inch*24 -inch*11 inches, the entrance of the tunnel is a 7 -inch height, the height of the internal space of the tunnel is 11 inches. Cats and other animals below 24 pounds.
  • Zipper separation design: you can clean every corner inside the tunnel, so that cats have a clean and comfortable playing environment. The simple assembly method allows us to handle the cats more easily.
  • gifts:Because of the the circular shape adds novelty and has more places to hide, it will be the best choice to your friend who own cats,small dogs,kittens, mother-in-law’s kitty ,rabbits and others small animal.

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A Review Of Jia Xi

It was pretty easy to put together. Be careful when using the zipper to connect the top and bottom. The zipper seemed like it could break if you were distracted. My cats loved the donut…for one day. Now it sits lonely in the corner, waiting for one of my cats to run into it during zoomies or hide from each other once in a while. It’s a fantastic, sturdy, roomy donut. Unfortunately, my cats don’t like it as much as I do. Can you please consider making an adult size? 😀


The cat tunnel arrived within a couple of days and my cats (6 of them) immediately started playing in the cat tunnel chasing each other and sticking their paws through the hole on the back of the tunnel. It has been a very good addition to the house they stay entertained and happy which makes me happy!

Donut Cat Bed Comfort: Sweet Dreams in Every Curve

Embrace the allure of a Donut Cat Bed that cradles your cat in a cocoon of comfort. The circular design envelops your furry friend in plush coziness, ensuring sweet dreams and a sense of security in every curve.

Universal Cat Condo: Versatility Meets Style

Experience versatility like never before with this Universal Cat Condo. The 24in x 24in x 11in dimensions make it a suitable hideout for cats of all sizes. Its dark grey hue adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor, seamlessly blending the feline retreat into your living space.

Delightful Seclusion: A Private Kingdom for Your Cat

Grant your cat the luxury of delightful seclusion. The Tunnel Bed Hideout is more than just a pet accessory; it’s a private kingdom where your cat can retreat, recharge, and revel in the joy of having a space to call their own.

Plush and Inviting: Spoil Your Furry Royalty

Spoil your furry royalty with a cat bed that’s not just functional but also plush and inviting. The Tunnel Bed Hideout combines practicality with luxury, ensuring that your cat experiences the lap of indulgence with every nap.

Perfect Gift for Cat Lovers: Wrap Up Feline Bliss

Searching for the perfect gift for cat lovers? The Tunnel Bed Hideout is the answer. Wrap up feline bliss and delight friends, family, or your own whisker-clad companion with the joy of a universal cat condo and cave.

Conclusion: Transform Cat Naps into Feline Escapades

The Tunnel Bed Hideout transforms cat naps into feline escapades, providing a cozy haven that your cat will adore. With its donut cat bed design, universal cat condo appeal, and plush comfort, this dark grey masterpiece invites your feline friend into a world where every curl, stretch, and nap is a celebration of whisker wonderland.

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